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SI Capital is a private investment firm with $5 billion+ in capital resources under management.

SI Capital is a long-term investor. The firm was formed to source and manage investments for the founder of 5-hour ENERGY®. Our team serves as the M&A advisor for the family of companies. SI Capital has offices in Detroit, Chicago, and Singapore.

SI Capital invests private capital with leaders in clean water, energy, healthcare, business services, marine, real estate, and technology.

We invest with strong management teams that have a vision for profitable growth and a proven track record. Our relationships with a multitude of companies and private equity funds enable us to offer high-caliber transaction execution. Our partners are private companies, fund managers, institutional investors, lenders and advisors.

Our investments support:

  • Equity and derivative trading
  • M&A / corporate carve-outs
  • Special situations – restructuring lending
  • Equity research
  • Private equity
Investment desk

SI Capital supports the goal of our founder to seek solutions to the most basic global problems including clean water, reliable energy and wellness.
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