Our Approach

SI Capital is a long-term investor. We make debt and leasing investment in private companies. In addition to equity and options investments in public companies, we invest with strong management teams that have a vision for profitable growth and a proven track record to achieve it. Our unique attributes provide management teams with flexibility to focus on growth and value creation for the business. Because we are privately funded, our investments are structured to provide a solution to your financing needs. We have no requirement to monetize our investments in a predetermined time period. Our partners are private companies, fund managers, institutional investors, lenders and advisors.

Our investments support:

  • Funding limitations at traditional banks
  • Change of control events
  • Acquisitions
  • Growth capital initiatives
  • Shareholder liquidity
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Special situations

Our investments distinguish themselves with the following attributes:

  • Strong Management Team – A team with a demonstrated track record of working well together and a willingness to invest in the opportunity themselves.
  • Business Considerations – Operating businesses with a track record.

Our goal is to partner with management teams and businesses to create lasting and significant value, utilizing only modest financial leverage so that debt does not impede the realization of their growth opportunities.