Recent Transactions

July 2019

SI Capital LLCPrivate real estate investment firm focused in the US southeast


LP Commitment

June 2019

SI Capital LLCInland river tugboats serving the Mississippi River system


Equipment Lease

May 2019

SI Capital LLCOpen senior loan fund in PE sponsored deals


LP Commitment

April 2019

SI Capital LLCBusiness process outsourced services offshore


First Lien Participation

December 2018

SI Capital LLCMarine vessels primarily operating in Gulf of Mexico


Equipment Loan

December 2017

SI Capital LLCNutraceutical contact manufacturer gummy format


Second Lien Participation

June 2017

SI Capital LLCHealthcare IT software platform in behavioral health


First Lien Agent & Preferred Equity

May 2017

SI Capital LLCDistributor of Ophthalmic tests and therapies


Change of Control Equity

March 2017

SI Capital LLCHealthcare SBIC Fund focused on patient outcomes


LP Commitment

October 2016

SI Capital LLCPhysician Owned Integrated Medical Network


Preferred Minority Equity

September 2016

SI Capital LLCPoint of Care Diagnostic Test for multiple GI diseases


Convertible Preferred Debt

August 2016

SI Capital LLCWellness Disease Management based on genomics


Preferred Minority Equity

July 2016

SI Capital LLCDigital Laryngoscope Video-enabled Medical Device


Preferred Minority Equity

December 2015

SI Capital LLCIVC Filter and Biopsy Needle Medical Devices


Second Lien Participation

October 2015

SI Capital LLCSecondary Fund focused in Venture Healthcare


LP Commitment